Travel pillows can help you to rest easily while on the go and allow you to arrive fully refreshed. If you want to have a comfortable trip and avoid jetlag, then all you need is a comfy pillow. Sometimes flying can be tiresome especially because of cramped seats, but grabbing a good travel pillow can ease the pressure. We have discussed some of the best travel pillows, so if you are about to travel, read through our list to find your favorite.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

This is a unique neck support pillow since it is inflatable. It gives travelers good comfort because of its adjustable amount of air that varies the level of softness. Its memory foam may not fit all travelers, but it is an upgrade to the ordinary neck support pillow.

Brookstone Biosense Neck Pillow

This is a plush upgrade to the traditional neck pillow. It’s fairly compact, U-shaped design makes it liked by many travelers. It is a comfier pillow to sink into as its upside has core memory foam. One negative about the Biosense Neck Pillow is that it can only be carried in a carry-on since it doesn’t have a hook.

Comfy Commuter

This neck support pillow has a triangular flat backed design, which helps avoid the forward leaning of the head and the neck. Because of its design, the pillow insulates you well to sleep comfortably. The pillow has a storage pouch where it folds up easily, although its sides are a bit wide and don’t easily fit back in its case. The pillow can however take up a lot of space when carried in carry-on bags and to avoid this it can be hooked on the outside of a carry-on bag.


This neck support pillow is a compact alternative to the traditional pillow. It’s an interesting pillow that provides a brace, helps you to incline perfectly and adjusts to the best level of comfort. Once you attain your personal comfort level you can always lean back and enjoy your sleep, aided by this comfort support. If you shift a lot in your seat don’t go for this pillow as it lacks cushioning support.

Kuhi Comfort

This neck support pillow looks like giant earmuffs but gives a flexible and soft resting place. With the Kuhi Comfort pillow you can twist, turn and adjust the pillow to your best position. Unlike other pillows this neck support pillow eliminates the bulky back neck issue. This is a plush pillow that is also very bulky and can only be carried in its bag hooked to the outside of your carry-on bag.

1st Class Sleeper

This is more than just a pillow, it’s a travel companion that’s plush and gives you all the comfort you want in an airline. If you are travelling light this should be your best pick. Like many other pillows, the 1st Class Sleeper can take up a lot of space and is hooked on the outside of your carry-on bag.

Releaf Neck Rest

This neck support pillow is a plush alternative to full pillows; it has a simple design that relieves the neck and shoulders of any tension. It is great for short distances as it doesn’t give the comfort of a full pillow, and the pillow doesn’t take up a lot of space thanks to its simple design.

Enky Travel Pillow

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This is an inflatable neck support pillow. It’s unique from other inflatable pillows because its boosters prevent the head from swaying or falling when you fall asleep. It is made of soft materials which are gentle to the skin and prevent heat build-up. Just two breathes are enough to inflate this pillow and the reverse is very easy. It doesn’t weigh your luggage down as it weighs only 3.5 oz. Its extra padding helps your head to stay upright as you fall asleep.

J Pillow

This is a pillow which has been endorsed by medical professionals as one of the best in its class. Its 3D letter J shape helps support your head, neck and chin. The pillow is available in two options: the plush or the inflatable. It comfortably curls around, holding your head into position and helps stop stiffness and soreness. This neck support pillow utilizes space and can be carried in your luggage without weighing it down.

TRTL Neck Pillow

This neck support pillow is made for travelers who hate the look of traditional pillows. The pillow design is a soft fleece that has a neck support mechanism wrapped inside it. Its brace fits perfectly around the neck and jaw providing maximum support to the neck. It is scientifically proven and approved for long-haul flights. It keeps the neck in a perfect ergonomic position when you fall asleep.

Sneck Pillow System

If you are traveling with children then here is a good pick for them. This neck support pillow is made of ultra-soft material filled with micro beads. Just in case your children need entertainment on the go, this long pillow has a pouch for an mp3 player. It has a Velcro strap that can be tied around your child’s neck, or can be attached to other things. When not in use the strap can be used to attach the pillow to your bag.

Aeris Memory foam travel Neck Pillow

This is a versatile foam pillow with ventilation holes to prevent it from getting too warm. The memory foam is cover by a removable plush velour cover that is machine washable. Besides supporting your neck as you travel, this pillow can be used when reading or watching television at home. It has a portable, easy to carry bag where you can squeeze it to save space.


Too find the most comfortable pillow for your trip you need to be sure of your sleeping style while on the go. Most of the pillows you find sit around the neck to suit the specific sleeping style of many customers. So as you go buying a pillow for your flight, make a smart choice to ease the tension of the whole trip.

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