Losing your checked bag or having it loaded on a different flight can happen when you are on the go. For this reason passengers are advised to pack valuable items in their carry-on bags which are allowed in the cabin. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) limits the weight, measurements and what to be packed in carry-on luggage and it’s always a smart idea to meet all these requirements. These carry-on bags should be small enough (21 x 14 x 9 inches) to fit in an overhead compartment. If you are planning to travel then here is a list that will guide you in selecting the best carry-on luggage for you.

Travelpro Platinum Magnum 2

This bag is made of high-end aesthetic materials and its design is sleek enough to impress anyone. Its built-in garment folder has a removable folding board that makes packing quite flexible. It’s a version with 22 inch spinners, and can roll smoothly over rough surfaces because its wheels are durable. The Platinum 2 has a warranty that covers airline damage.

One downside is that the removable garment bag does not protect your clothes from creases, and the handle of the Magnum 2 does not utilize space well.

Briggs and Riley TU322x-40

This is rated as the best carry-on luggage for passengers on a two to four days trip. It’s built in garment holder has hooked mesh that helps minimize creases in your clothes. Its interior provides a nice packing surface made of clean modern lines with no bars that helps keep your valuables organized.

Olympia SRD-22-RD

If you are on tight budget then this is the bag for you. The Olympia SRD-22-RD comes in a variety of colors. To provide access to the main compartment the top of this bag has a U-shaped opening. The shoe compartment is made in a way to keep your footwear separate from your garments. This carry-on luggage is lightweight and weighs only 4.9 pounds.

Samsonite Inova

This carry-on bag has a sleek design and is made of polycarbonate materials, which enhance the bag’s resistance to impacts and scratches. Samsonite Inova is a special bag made for travelers who want to cut costs and it comes with its approved locks. Its size meets the TSA size requirements and its wheels roll smoothly for easy mobility. This bag weighs 7.4 pounds and its fabric lining has adjustable garment restrains.

Trvelon Wheeled

This is a carry-on bag that fits perfectly under an airplane seat and can be comfortably used as a footrest. It’s lightweight and weighs approximately 5.4 pounds and is made of elegant quilted materials. Feel proud carrying all your souvenirs home in this great bag. It has a water bottle pocket and a neat tote that folds away in the side pocket.

Samsonite Fiero

The sleek and sturdy design of the Samsonite Fiero makes it a favorite for many. It has four spinner wheels that can turn 360 degrees and this helps it to glide smoothly. Its scratch resistant exterior is textured with micro diamonds and resists impact to stay beautiful even after long trips. The zipper closure is strong and durable and its crisscross straps are very secure. The Samsonite Fiero weighs 8.2 pounds.

Delsey Helium Aero

This is a lightweight bag that is very easy to lift and is highly recommended for international tourists. Its exterior boasts a metallic finish that is elegant and modern, making this luggage bag to be a notch higher than the rest in terms of appearance. Its zippers are self repairing and its opening allows items to be accessed easily from the compartments.

American Tourister Splash

This is an incredibly light weight bag that fits domestic travelers perfectly. It weighs 8.4 pounds and meets the TSA size requirements. For optimal comfort the bag is made with side handles and a padded top. Its exterior is made of durable polyester material.

Lucas Accelerator

This great carry-on luggage comes at a very pocket friendly price. It appears small but offers enough space for a week-long trip. Its reinforcements ensure longevity and it’s easy to maintain as it can be spot cleaned. However this bag can be stressful as it can be wide for airplane aisles.

Samsonite Underseat

This is a professionally looking bag that has loads of space for your items. Its construction is strong and ensures longevity and durability. It has a removable pouch and wet pack pocket within its interior. As the name suggests this carry-on bag fits perfectly under the seat of an airline and it weighs 6.3 pounds.

Travelpro Magnum 21

Its design is magnificent and its wheels are aligned by magnets that ensure the bag rolls in one direction. Its power scope handle helps the bag to maneuver easily even on rough surfaces. It has a ticket pocket that is convenient for easier retrieval. The bag weighs 7.6 pounds.


Before buying a bag for your journey it is good to ensure that it meets all the size requirements as set by the TSA. Check all the dimensions of your carry-on luggage and be sure of the expansion features it offers. Check the construction of the handle and go for a carry-on bag with a handle on the exterior of the bag. This will offer more space inside the bag though some may take more of the allowed dimensions.

Consider how the spinners and rollers of the bag are constructed. If you do not want to tire a lot before reaching your destination, go for spinners. Spinners maneuver easily even in crowded places and don’t put a lot of weight on your arm like rollers do.

It’s also a wise idea to consider the material used to make your bag. Luggage made from polycarbonates are called hard-sided and are the best for packing your fragile items. Soft-sided luggage is made from synthetic fabric or ballistic nylon; these bags absorb impact well and can be squeezed to fit into overhead compartments.

Also, consider the organization of the pockets, and select them one that suit your needs. If you intend to carry a laptop or a tablet, consider bags with padded pockets. Then, depending on the purpose of your journey, think about carry on luggage with good interior pockets as they are good for as the help keep your dirty and clean laundry separate.

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