Traveling is a common hobby to many around the world. When traveling, carrying luggage is almost inevitable as luggage is used to store valuables like money, jewelry and documents. Because of this, luggage safety is a major concern for those who travel as well as for students living in crowded rooms. Arriving at your destination with critical documents missing or with no money is the last thing you would want in the world. Safeguarding your luggage against any illegal access requires you to get the best TSA approved locks. This will help you travel with peace of mind, enjoy your trip and make the best out of your experience.

These locks are approved by the Transport Security Administration, and they incorporate virtually foolproof innovative lock systems. The usability and the construction of travel locks should be the key guiding factors when selecting locks that suit your needs. Chose locks that cannot be tampered with and those that are easy to use. Give the following locks a serious consideration; they are the best in the current world of travel locks.


The Tarris TSA lock guarantees nothing but total security of your luggage; no thief can break this lock. It’s ranked as the most reliable lock, and is foolproof in all places including the train, bus, plane and even in hostels. The TSA has certified this lock and agents don’t have to break them to have your bag inspected. They come with an additional search alert feature that lets you know if agents inspected your bag. The indicator is green when the bags are closed and turns red immediately after the bag is opened. The locks easily thread through your bag’s zipper because of their flexible cable and have a three dial combination system with large numbers for convenience. For better security, the lock system can be set and reset for your own convenience. This lock is made with strong materials including zinc alloy for durability and longer use.


This lock is also certified by the TSA and a favorite for many travelers. The package comes with a pair of locks that offer great reliability since they are made from high performance and durable materials. Their U-clasp lock system is virtually foolproof and no thief can successfully break them. Their cables are coated with steel and can fit into the zippers of most bags with ease. Unlike other locks the ODY Travel locks feature no key; they have a unique lock system comprising of three dials. Its design is certified by the TSA and is liked by both local and international tourists. If you are looking for approved locks that are easy to use and guarantee maximum security, go for this one.


This is a top rated lock made exclusively from solid steel that guarantees top notch security and lifetime durability. The sturdy arch is resistant to breaks and cuts and keeps your belongings safe wherever you go. The numbers of the dial lock system move smoothly, making it easier to set and rest. Its indicator pops up to notify you whenever anyone tries to open your bag; the indicator will notify you if travel agents open your bag for inspection. For easier use, this pack come with a video instruction.


This lock is designed professionally to keep your luggage 100% safe while on the go. This lock has an easy to use 3-dial combination lock system that works well with different zippers and bags. In terms of satisfaction this lock gives nothing but 100% and lifetime usability. The TSA has certified this lock and it is popular all over the world amongst local and international tourists. Neither thieves nor travel agents can manage to break or cut this lock as it guarantees maximum security. This lock has a lot of vital lock features, is simple to use and comes in at a good price. Go get one and secure your luggage now.


If you hate the stress of having to memorize your lock combination, then here is a lock for you. This lock is certified by the TSA and is made of tough, solid metal. With this lock you can have a customized password from a reliable set of 10,000 letters and words, which will be easy to remember. It’s made with water proof materials and has been rated best for airport security by the TSA. Its body is metallic and the 1.25 inches steel shackle is resistant to breaks and cuts. Carry this lock with you and the security of your luggage will be guaranteed.


This lock is rated highly by TSA in the world today as it delivers top notch security for luggage. This padlock is lightweight and has a 3-dial combination system that can easily be set or reset. During inspection at entry points the padlock allows travel agents to easily check your luggage without damaging it. Its construction and design using zinc-alloy allows this padlock to last a lifetime delivering maximum security all along.


This is a pack of two travel locks designed and manufactured by Forge. This lock can endure even rugged travels as it is made from premium zinc alloy and can be used for different zippers. This lock has a red indicator that sends you a signal whenever the bag is opened by travel agents. It’s keyless and has a 3-dial combination lock system that allows up to 1000 combinations which are easy to set and reset.


The security of your belonging is important whenever you travel. It is good to ensure that you acquire a lock that is approved by the Travel Security Administration (TSA) and can offer top notch security. A variety of locks exist in the market, each with its specifications and prices. Next time you travel select a lock that’s friendly to you both in terms of its price and the level of security it offers.

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