New San Diego Global Entry Enrollment Center

San Diego Global Entry Enrollment Center

Good news for those in San Diego and Southern California.  The San Diego International Airport just opened a new Global Entry enrollment center, according to Channel 8.

San Diego Global Entry enrollment center similar to this
Similar Enrollment center at LAX in Los Angeles

This will bring the total number of interview locations / enrollment centers in San Diego up to 3!

The most in the country for any large metropolitan area.

Global Entry intervew locations in San Diego now include:

  • San Ysidro (accepts SENTRI interviews)
  • Otay Mesa (accepts SENTRI interviews)
  • San Diego Metropolitan Airport

The new airport location will only be open Tuesday through Thursday from 12 – 4 pm according to the report, and will ONLY accept those with an appointment.

So no walk-ins.

It has yet to be stated as such, but it’s assumed that this enrollment center for Global Entry will not accept SENTRI pass interviews as well, unlike the two other locations in San Diego County.

However, this should not be a cause of concern for most U.S. Citizens with a valid U.S. Passport.

Global Entry members receive SENTRI pass privileges (and visa versa) with membership, so there is no reason to apply for SENTRI if you have a U.S. Passport.

Not TSA PreCheck
It should also be noted that this location is not a the same as a TSA PreCheck enrollment center.

There is already a Precheck intervew location at the San Diego airport.

Once you register for a PreCheck application you can not switch to Global Entry.  They are managed by different departments.

The new airport location will be a welcome addition to the Trusted Traveler enrollment process in the Southern California area, where a large number of travelers apply for Global Entry and SENTRI passes.

Every major airport should have a Global Entry enrollment center to process travelers interviews, and it’s great to see San Diego become one of the many.

More information about the new San Diego Global Entry enrollment center will happen here as alerts come in.


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