How to apply for SENTRI pass

SENTRI Enrollment

The process for applying for a SENTRI pass is One Step.  This requires completing an on-line application.

After your application is conditionally approved you must attend a in person interview with a Customs and Border Protection officer to complete you SENTRI enrollment.

     1. Apply for SENTRI

     2. Attend CBP interview

If successful, your SENTRI card will arrive in the mail.  Now you can activate your membership and have access to SENTRI program benefits.

     3. Activation


1: One Step to start your SENTRI pass application

Complete our GOES compliant application (mirrors exactly the CBP’s GOES application).

It’s that easy.

Apply for SENTRI pass in less than 2 minuets

  • No need to register with the Government and GOES
  • Nothing to print out
  • Nothing to fax in
  • We will double check your application for accuracy and compliant information.  If information in any field looks suspect, we will contact you prior to submittal.
  • We will pay the CBP with our information, not yours.
  • Notification for your SENTRI renewal will be giving to you to keep your status compliant.

100% refund of ALL fees (EasySentri’s and Government’s) if your application is denied. No questions asked

Begin Your SENTRI Application

SENTRI Lanes returning to the U.S. at the San Ysidro border crossing in San DiegoMembership to the SENTRI program is good for 5 years and includes access to TSA PreCheck privileges as well as Global Entry and NEXUS benefits.

If you wish to include a vehicle to use in SENTRI lanes you must enter the appropriate information in your application (you will be instructed) and bring this vehicle with you to your SENTRI interview.


2: Schedule and attend your CBP Interview


There are a total of 10 locations for your SENTRI interview.

If your application is approved we will notify you via e-mail and will pre-schedule an CBP interview at the closest SENTRI enrollment center to your zip code.  You can always contact us to re-schedule at a different time or log on to your GOES account to complete this process yourself.

[yellow_box]Vehicle inspections are NO LONGER REQUIRED for use in SENTRI lanes.[/yellow_box]

Available dates and interview locations vary depending on which location you is chosen.

The majority of SENTRI enrollment centers are located border crossing stations in California, Arizona and Texas. Dates for an interview can be up to 3 weeks. So plan ahead as best you can.



Impatient? You can walk into a enrollment center and see if there are available openings for that day.



When you attend your interview you will want to bring certain documentation with you.

If applying for the SENTRI program you will need to certain documentation with you:

  • Originals of evidence of citizenship that you listed on your application
  • If not a U.S. citizen, originals of evidence of immigration admissibility to the U.S., that you listed on your application
  • Valid drivers license (or state identification) issued in state where applicant lives
  • Any evidence of your employment or residence (tax return, pay stub, mortgage/rent payment receipts)

The interview with a CBP agent as actually pretty easy.

During the interview you will have your photograph taken for your identification card and your
fingerprints will be scanned.

The CBP officer will also as basic questions concerning your application.

Questions could be:

  • “How often do you go to (said country in application)?”
  • “Do you or any friends or family travel to Mexico. If so, how often?”
  • “How often do you visit (said countries)?”

No personal questions are asked and the whole time in front of an officer is about 5 min.

It’s painless.

If you are registering your vehicle for use in SENTRI lanes you will also need to provide:

  • Valid drivers license (or state identification)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Evidence of US automobile insurance
  • If the vehicle is not registered in the name of the applicant, a notarized letter authorizing its use by the applicant is required. A company vehicle requires written authorization on company letterhead

The CBP agent will need to inspect your vehicle after your interview.

This will involve a quick check of your vehicle, inside and out, where you will need to open up your hood and trunk.

The inspection is not too intrusive but please be aware that very dark window tint will throw up red flags. Any biological debris in truck beds, firewood for instance could pose an issue as well.



3: Card Activation and Use

Once your interview is complete and if you are deemed a Trusted Traveler you will receive your SENTRI card in the mail in about one week.

Log back into your GOES account and active you card before use.

Once you active your SENTRI card that’s it. You’re done!

GOES Global Entry, SENTRI Pass or NEXUS card activation

You can now use your program’s benefits to cross the Mexican or Canadian border in less than 20min.

Or, use your KTN/PASS ID to enjoy TSA PreCheck benefits.

“What’s a KTN?” “Can’t I just show my card and be good to go?”

We wish it could be that easy.

Check out How to Use your SENTRI pass to access TSA PreCheck lanes as often as possible.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.


SENTRI Pass For Children


SENTRI lanes get you back to the U.S. fasterAll children, regardless of age, must apply for and pay the appropriate fees to become a member of SENTRI Trusted Traveler program.


This mainly apply for children and infants that will be returning to the U.S. with their parents or guardians from international air travel in order to use Customs Kiosks and avoid Customs and Immigrations lines.

Children under the age of 14 DO NOT need to be a member of Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS or TSA PreCheck in order to ONLY use TSA PreCheck lanes with their parent or guardian.  However, the parent or guardian must be a member.

Begin Your SENTRI Application


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Monday November 21st, 2016