When traveling it’s good to consider carrying pants with features that will aid in your travels. Research your destination and your activities on the go, and search through the specific features of the pants. Good travel pants should have the following properties

  • Quick drying
  • Lightweight
  • Durableiv
  • Convenientv
  • Should have zippered pockets

Making decisions on the best travel pants may prove a difficult task. In order to help you make the right choice for your trip we have discussed a collection you can choose from. Travel pants can be broken into two groups: travel pants for women and travel pants for men.


Depending on the choices, color, sizes, and style, women’s pants vary in prices for similar brands. Your budget and preference will determine whether you select between cheap and expensive travel pants. These are some of the best travel pants for women.

Columbia Saturday Trail Pants

These travel pants are made of 4% elastane and 96% nylon. The pockets are zippered for security of your items. For repellency and sun protection the pants have omni-shade UPF 50.

These travel pants come in different prices and can be found on online outlets and a number of retail shops.

Columbia Just Right Straight Leg Travel Pants

This is a quick dry, fitted and very attractive travel pant made from nylon. This casual pant is airy and breathable, and is best for those traveling to warmer places. This lightweight pant is adjustable at the waist and the bottom has a pull on cord for easier adjustment. This travel pant resists stain and water. Its pockets are zippered and have a special property- SPF 50 protection.

LOLE Women’s Refresh Pants

These are casual polyester travel pants that come in either black or brown colors. They are best for long term wear though the polyester material can make them hot. The shallow pockets are zippered to provide security to your items. The draw-back cord on the hem and waist make them adjustable and hence very convenient. The waistband is low-rise making them very comfortable.

REI Sahara Roll-up Travel Pants

This pair of travel pants are breathable and lightweight; they’re made of stretchy material and can be worn comfortably all day. They have a limited versatility as they take long to dry and their internal tightening system leaves marks on your skin under the hip belt. This model is a great choice for those going on a warm weather hiking trip.

KUHL Splash Straight Travel Pants

These pants are made from cotton blend UBERKUHL stretch fabric, which dries very fast. The pants afford great comfort and allows your legs to move with great freedom. These pants are extremely comfortable and customized to fit different sizes by their internal draw back cord. These travel pants fit perfectly through hips and upper thighs; legs can open up to 15’’.

Skyler Travel Pants

These travel pants fit the brief though not necessarily the style; they are fashionable, skinny pants. If you are looking to carry fewer pants consider this, as they can be matched with anything. They have only one small back pocket and are highly durable. If you are making a trip to a less conservative country this should be your best pick. You can also consider them for moving around town. In terms of comfort they are the best travel pants for women.

Bugs Away Akamai Travel Pants

These travel pants features insect shield technology and are best for those looking to go camping. They are comfortable and look good. The insect shield treatment is bound to the fabric, and doesn’t affect your skin. The treatment can last 70 washes. Consider these pants if you are looking to stay away from insect-borne viruses like Zika.


These are pants that are lightweight and don’t wrinkle easily even when packed tightly in travel bags.

Royal Robbin men’s Global Travel Pants

These pants are made of 100% nylon; they are comfortable to wear when travelling, walking and sightseeing. Because of the low elasticity of nylon this pant is not comfortable for activities like rock climbing. They are coated with Teflon-stain and water resistant materials that keep them clean for long in all places. Royal Robbin Travel Pants are good for both summer and winter.

Their material has a matrix of printed dots that makes it softer; the pants are also created with raised bumps to ensure the slacks are comfortable. Its quick drying fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily and is enhanced with the UPF 40 PLUS sun protection.

Columbia Sportswear Men’s Global Adventure Pants

These are flexible pants made from 12% elastane and 88% polyester. These travel pants are extremely comfortable because their fabric is woven to stretch four ways. While travelling, you can secure your passport in the big zippered pocket on the right thigh. Besides, the pants have two front pockets, don’t easily crease and are lightweight. They feature UPF 50 sun protection and are water resistant.

Outdoor Research Men’s Ferrosi Pants

These travel pants are made from a mixture of nylon and spandex; the mixture makes them resistant to creases. They dry quickly and are abrasion and wind resistant. They feature two small pockets on the front and an extra two zippered pockets in the back; this design is made primarily for hiking.

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

These convertible pants are nice for casual outings and if you are travelling to meet friends in town this a good pick for you. They are made from pure nylon and enhanced with omni-shade UPF 50 sun protection. These pants have six pockets but none have zippers. They are good for warmer weather.


Many factors are to be considered before arriving at any decision about your travel pants. Take into account the time your flight will take and the weather in your destination and buy travel pants that will allow you comfort to enjoy your trip.

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