3-1-1 Luggage: The best 10

3-1-1 Travel Guidelines




The Transport Security Administration (TSA) regulates a lot when it comes to air travel. For luggage there are strict rules on the size and what should be packed in it. According to these regulations, anything that exceeds carry-on restrictions in terms of height and weight must be inspected. There are policies set to regulate this checked luggage and anything that’s bigger than the set restrictions may call for extra charges.

The TSA has a 311 rule: liquids must be 3 ounces or less in size, be sealed in a 1 quart bag, and only 1 bag is allowed in your carry-on. Here is a list of carry-on luggage that can accommodate your 311 bag.

Rimowa Topas 29’’ Multi Wheel



This is a sturdy lightweight bag made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy exterior. This alloy makes the luggage durable and guards it against high humidity and makes sure the bag cannot fluctuate in temperatures. This luggage comes with an approved TSA locks lever; besides enhancing the security of your items it also ensures the agent can open it without damaging the lock. The luggage has a multi-stage handle that can extend to different lengths for easier maneuvering. It also allows for easier transportation of other bags as it has a retractable holder. It has a patented multi-wheel system that turns in all directions. Its book-like opening styles ease packing and unpacking of items. Its main compartment is divided into multiple packing areas by mesh packing dividers. The dividers are flexible and reduce wrinkling of your garments.

Traveler’s choice 28’’ Lightweight Spinner Luggage



This checked luggage is made from ABS plastic material, which is scratch resistant. It is durable, and has a telescopic handle system made from aluminum. It has four wheels which turn in all directions and rolls effortlessly on all surfaces.

Samsonite Silhouette Spere2 29’’ Spinner



The spinners of this luggage are split spherical and can move in all directions, making it easy to maneuver. Its interior increases organization by having mesh pockets and a wet pack. Its built-in lock system provides peace of mind as you travel, and all its critical points are protected by rubberized protector guards. The luggage is also expandable for more packing space. It is lightweight and weighs 12.5 lbs. Its body dimensions are 29.5’’ by 21’’ by 11’’.

Pelican BA30elite Vacationer Luggage



This luggage has dimensions of 25.85’’ by 16.98’’ by 10.93’’ and comes with a mixture of gray and blue colors. It is light weight and waterproof and comes with a TSA approved lock system. It has a valve for pressure equalization and its interior fabrics are easy to maintain. Its exterior surface is made of a double wall of polycarbonate trim and polypropylene, which makes the luggage durable.

Briggs and Riley Torq Large Spinner



This is a large expandable spinner that uses a pure polycarbonate case. It comes in three colors: blue, burgundy and marine blue. If you are travelling for an extended trip this pick is for you. Its main compartment is cavernous and avails a lot of space. It is lightweight and comes with an integrated TSA approved lock system for total security. Its interior pockets are spacious and allow for easier organization of your items.

London Fog Westminster Camel Plaid 25’’ Expandable Spinner



This is a very unique luggage with a vintage style on a camel background, made from 100% polyester and has a brown lining. It has a telescopic handle that enables easy maneuverability. It has four multi-directional spinners that are low profile to allow for easier dragging along all surfaces. Its interior is divided into different pockets, and comes with an accessory bag that is removable. Its lining is a full London Fog signature and its ergonomic zippers are self repairing. The luggage is expandable by 2 inches for extra space. It has protective guards on each of its corners.

Travelers choice Expandable Hardside Spinner Suitcase



This luggage has a gusset that is expandable by two inches to hold more items. It’s made from ABS materials which ensure it retains its original shape even after going through the rigors of modern travel. Its exterior surface has a diamond-cut design making it resistant to scratches. It has a telescopic handle that retracts automatically and the side and top handles have an ergonomic design. The luggage is available in grey and blue. Its interior has two zippered pockets with two tie down straps that hold items in one place. It has four wheels that roll smoothly in all directions and can easily be dragged straight without putting a lot of weight on your arms.

Olympia Vortex 29” Large Hardside Spinner Upright Luggage



This luggage is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) materials which are eco-friendly and highly durable. For stress free travel, this luggage is made with 8 spinners which move in all directions. It comes with an in built 3-dial approved lock system for maximum security. It interior is divided into two compartments by flexible dividers. It has a wet pouch and an extra mesh pocket with tie down straps. This luggage is lightweight and weighs 9.5 pounds and has a ten year warranty.

Wenger Swiss Gear 28” Expandable Lightweight Spinner Upright Luggage



This is a lightweight suitcase that comes in a mixture of red and black colors. It is made from 100% polyester and its black fabric resists stains and scuffs. This suit case is highly durable as its material can survive the rough demands of frequent trips. Its compartments are well separated, making packing your items very easy. It has a telescopic handle which helps when dragging this luggage.

Wally Bags 52” Garment Bag with Pockets


This suitcase helps your clothes to stay neat and avoid wrinkles because of its ample space. It is lightweight and made of polyester material which is waterproof. It has two large compartments that can accommodate your items including shoes and belts. It has two handles which are fastened together to facilitate easy movement.


As you buy a 311 luggage, security of your items should be a priority. Go for luggage with inbuilt TSA approved lock systems as they guarantee peace of mind while on the go. Ensure you are aware of the material which affects your luggage’s durability.[:]


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