SENTRI Lane Locations

There are 11 SENTRI lane locations out of the 47 total locations to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Non SENTRI members
Note that all passengers in a vehicle using a SENTRI lane must be members of either SENTRI, Global Entry or NEXUS.

Non members, or members of TSA PreCheck only will not get to use SENTRI lanes.  If this occurs you will be shuttled into secondary inspection where you could get a warning or loose your SENTRI pass. 


SENTRI lane locations have signs back to U.S.
SENTRI lane signs in Tijuana, Mexico


SENTRI Lane Locations

U.S. – Mexico Border

City State
Douglas Arizona
Nogales Arizona
San Luis Arizona
Calexico California
Otay Mesa (San Diego) California
San Ysidro (San Diego) California
Anzalduas Texas
Brownsville Texas
El Paso Texas
Hidalgo Texas
Laredo Texas
SENTRI lane at Juarez Lincoln Bridge Laredo Texas
SENTRI lane at Juarez Lincoln Bridge Laredo, Texas


The SENTRI Lane in San Ysidro/San Diego is open 24hours.Please note that not all SENTRI lanes are open 24 hours a day, with most closing during night hours. There should be signs dictating so if this is the case.

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